Corporate Law

JustLaw focuses on the areas of law that all organisations deal with in their day-to-day work.

We support all kinds of organisations. Multinational, mid-size companies, single practitioners, charities and non-profit organisations, etc. All are being served at JustLaw.

The law changes continuously. JustLaw acts amid this setting. Therefore and thereby we keep our knowledge of the law up-to-date. Adding to that, we follow and give courses and lectures to keep up with the developments in the areas of law work on.

The law areas we will assist you on are:

- Human Rights and Sustainable Development;
- Corporate law and Governance;
- Contracts, Agreements and General Terms and Conditions;
- Disputes;
- Merger and Acquisitions;
- Joint ventures and cooperation agreements;
- General Labour Law;
- Trade Law; and
- International Civil Law

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