About JustLaw

JustLaw serves you and your organisation. Companies, charities and other organisations, whether for-profit or non-profit.

JustLaw offers local and international advice for organisations in the broad area of Corporate law.

We also provide with consultancy on topics like "Human Rights and The Environment" and "Human Rights and Business". Corporate Social Responsibility based on the frame work of the International Human Rights.

Because of our local and international experience, gained by working at or for law firms, business and charities, we offer quality and practical solutions. And we charge a reasonable fee. A tailor made fee.

We combine international expertise with specialist knowledge in the field of international business and trade, charities, Human rights and sustainability. And with flexible availabilty: you could - for example – have us inhouse for several days a week for a certain period of time.

JustLaw strives for its advice to be sustainable. Even when matters are highly, we try to weigh the long term effects of certain decisions.

This is why it’s of the highest importance to us, that our service and fees are "Just" too: accurate, trustful, honest and fair.

JustLaw. The firm for you.

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